To join the Sydney Bee Club and become a member, click here.

Why become a member?

Beekeeping is rewarding and being part of a beekeeping club is not only helpful and informative, but also supportive, fun and social.

The Sydney Bee Club meet on a regular basis to provide members support and to share and discuss local experiences in beekeeping. See our events page for meeting times. We generally meet monthly on the last Monday of each month (sometimes public holidays change our meeting times, so check our events page).

During spring, summer and the beginning of autumn, we hold apiary field days. See the event page for dates and to register.

You might like to come along to one of the meetings or field days to get a feel for whether this is the hobby for you. Once you are keen, the next step is to do a ‘hands on’ course, then join a club to benefit form the collective knowledge of its many experienced members or buddy up with someone in your local area.

Joining a network of beekeeping buddies through a club can help you when you need it.

Why join if you are already a beekeeper?

Keep abreast of the many changes occurring in beekeeping such as:

  • find out about new ways of managing bees
  • new regulations, licensing, bee disease and biosecurity updates.
  • be registered in the ABA swarm collection web page
  • benefit of discounts at participating beekeeping supply stores
  • borrow for free the extracting and wax refining equipment
  • take part in honey and bee competitions
  • benefit of a personal beekeeping insurance at a reasonable rate
  • take part in branch committees, events organisation, help educating novices

Benefits of joining Sydney Bee Club:

When you join the Sydney Bee Club branch, this happens under the umbrella of the Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW. This enables benefits to our club including:

  • access to high quality scientific presentations and experts
  • access to a network of beekeeper  keen on helping each others
  • beekeeping insurance
  • discounts at participating beekeeping supply stores
  • Access to a swarm system to co-ordinate members’ efforts in collecting bee swarms
  • Opportunity to come to field days and meetings for free ! (see events page for details)
  • acess regular news via our newsletter (sign up here)
  • ABA Journal/quarterly eNewsletter with current NSW Amateur beekeeper news
  • Right to be part of our closed facebook group source of amazing day to day local support and news.


  • ABA fees* = $40  (early bird in December 2018 $30)
  • Sydney bee club fees* = $1
  • Public and product liability Insurance up to 100 hives* = $20 (optional but DPI registration number is compulsory)
  • Printed log book = $5 (optional)
*valid from 31st Dec2018 (or later date) to 31st Dec2019


Note on Changes from last year 2018 regarding family memberships: 
Our mother branch (ABA) has faced tremendous difficulties with memberships last year due to the diversity of membership types across the 20+ clubs and their online management. After internal discussions ABA executives have renegotiated the insurance and approached a new company dropping your optional Public liability insurance fees by 75%. ABA also decided to drop individual ABA membership fees to $40, and the Sydney bee club executive decided to drop it from $5 to $1. Finally all these fee drops do not justify the family membership system any more which was creating a lot of admin burden. The only two ABA branches using this system decided to remove the family membership system for 2019 which.